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Termination Module

A termination module is a removable extension of the connector which is recommended for use with ARINC connectors which have transient suppression devices or which are difficult to attach to a flex or PCB. The engagement side of the termination module is designed to mate to the rear of the connector and the termination end is designed to attach to the PCB or wire harness (PC tails, solder cups, wire-wrap or crimp). Proper engagement of the connector and termination module is guaranteed by guideposts in the connector and front or rear activated jack screws. Sealing is accomplished with a rubber interfacial gasket. Connectors designed to engage to a termination module are designed with one-piece front removable socket contacts to minimize the number of interconnects.


  • Guarantees proper installation
  • Facilitates repair and rework
  • Eliminates exposure of filter connector to soldering and cleaning processes
  • Protects filter connector from the environment
  • Allows for easy repair of damaged socket contacts
  • Minimizes total number of interconnects

*Consult factory for a termination module suitable to your needs.


Image for Avionics Image for C4ISR Image for Commercial Aircraft Image for Military Aircraft Image for Missiles and Missile Defense Image for Ground Systems & Vehicles Image for Naval Image for Unmanned Systems


  • Simplifies the assembly process by soldering to the lighter weight termination module rather than to the connector itself
  • Facilitates repair and rework procedures due to easy installation and removal from the motherboard
  • Guideposts and front or rear activated jack screws
  • Easy installation and removal from the motherboard
  • One piece front removable socket contact in filter connector
  • Rubber interfacial seal